Construction Management, Cost Estimating & Inspection Service - Rockledge I & II - NIH Consolidation Project



U.S. General Services Administration

Period of Performance
March 2017 - Ongoing

Northern Montgomery County, MD

Alfonso’s Role
Construction Project Management
Cost Estimating
Inspection Services

Services Offered

  • Construction Quality Management
  • Lease Administration
  • Budget Control (TIA, BSAC, RWA)
  • Closeout Services


The US General Services Administration (GSA) on behalf of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Combined Prospectus Project initiated the renovation of approximate 500,000 square feet of space to accommodate 2,700 staff in two existing 10-story offices buildings in Bethesda, Maryland. The objective was to consolidate 15 of the NIH Institutes under one procurement while reducing the government’s overall footprint, utilizing space standards of 170 sq. ft. per person and upgrading the building’s security to a Level 3 facility. The selected buildings would require multi-phased construction and internal swing space to accommodate current tenants and existing leases. An additional challenge was created with the sale of the buildings after project onset. 


Alfonso & Associates Consulting assembled a highly experienced consulting team to provide GSA and NIH the attention and dedication required for undertaking the expansive renovation project. After initiation of the design phase, a new layer of complexity was added when the buildings were sold, bringing a new landlord representative and team. Alfonso staff worked with GSA’s broker to help navigate the adjustments of the lease amendments and revised schedule while keeping the project moving forward, mitigating risks and delays. The initial NIH statement of work (SoW) viewed the effort to be designed for a single agency, however during Design Development the team discovered that lease and SoW objectives were not aligned. NIH’s objective was to design for 15 separate tenants, which created a gap in the architect/engineer (A/E)’s contract. A solution was presented to renegotiate the A/E’s fee to provide compensation that would represent the actual project structure and be aligned with industry standards. 


Alfonso & Associates team members have successfully managed the project through space planning and Design Intent drawings, implementing processes to improve communication and team building, as well as improved documentation of project activities. Cost negotiations resulted in the project no longer being burdened by change orders. The project is on target for budget and schedule, while landlord and government teams are cooperating and working cohesively.