Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency - Space Planning & Facilities Support 




Department of Defense

Period of Performance
2013 - Ongoing


Alfonso’s Role
Space Planning
FF&E Inventory Support

Services Offered

  • Program of Requirements
  • Space Management - CAFM
  • Property Inventory    
  • Interior Design
  • Relocation Services


Formed as a new agency and tasked with managing the entire Military Health System, the Defense Health Agency (DHA) faced the daunting challenge of reorganizing and placing thousands of employees. With a real estate footprint of over 1 million square feet in the National Capital Region and dozens of leases nationwide, the DHA needed support to redefine the program of requirements (POR) from a co-location program to a consolidation, to implement a space management strategy for its real estate portfolio, and assistance acquiring relocation services and furniture provisioning. 


Alfonso & Associates Consulting mobilized a team of highly experienced professional consultants – space planners, interior designers, acquisition analysts, and project managers – to construct the necessary solutions. The team gathered data, conducted interviews, redefined the agency’s POR, and delivered plans for more efficient use of space in support of the newly created agency. In order to implement the consolidation, the team provided comprehensive acquisition support (i.e. market research, document drafting, and negotiation advice) to assist in the procurement of furniture and relocation services. 


Alfonso & Associates Consulting reprogrammed the agency’s real estate requirement covering over 4,000 agency employees across more than 1 million square feet of real estate throughout the continental United States. The team also provided acquisition support that led to the implementation of an IDIQ vehicle to facilitate furniture and move/relocation services procurement that had led to more than 25 task orders to date. Maintaining functional workspaces through thoughtful space planning and implementing innovative work strategies, the team was able to allocate agency organizations to the appropriate locations within the client’s existing real estate portfolio. As a result of Alfonso & Associates’ excellent service, two follow-on contracts have been awarded since inception to continue space planning.