Real Estate & Facilities – Army (REF-A) – Furniture and Ancillary Support


Real Estate & Facilities - Army

Period of Performance
July 2016 - Ongoing


Alfonso’s Role
Furniture & Ancillary Services
FF&E Inventory Support

Services Offered

  • Project Management
  • Interior and Furniture Design
  • Furniture Reconfiguration & Maintenance
  • Staff Relocation
  • A/V & Security Equipment Provisioning 


Due to emerging renovation and alteration projects, the Army’s Real Estate and Facilities Directorate (REF-A) required a contractor to offer solutions related to furniture design and provisioning in support of their space planning and management program for over 4 million square feet in the Pentagon, leased facilities, and military installations across the National Capital Region (NCR). Among the services REF-A required were project management, interior and furniture design services, furniture reconfiguration, staff relocations, furniture maintenance, and provisioning of audio/visual (A/V) and security equipment. 


On an ID/IQ-task order basis, the Alfonso & Associates Consulting team has assisted in the REF-A’s short- and long-term planning efforts with furniture management, design, and acquisition contracts. Re-use of existing furniture inventory within the Army’s warehouse was prioritized with new furniture provisioned to backfill gaps. In instances where new furniture was required, the team provided recommendations that offer best value for the government and executed on the procurement activities. The team developed concept design deliverables, refined options to reflect final requirements, and installed/ reconfigured furniture as required. Additionally, A/V and security professionals were on standby to execute provisioning requirements as necessary. 


Alfonso & Associates Consulting excelled at customer service throughout the duration of the task orders, providing solutions and reporting on progress on a timely basis. The team was able to efficiently implement the government’s re-use policy and provide necessary turnkey design and technical solutions through the on-budget execution of new furniture provisioning, furniture reconfiguration, and/or staff relocation task orders.